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The Love-story of Dhola-Maru – An Indian Folk-tale of Forever Love :)

Here’s another love-story for those in love.
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Dhola-Maru – A Rajasthani Folk Tale of Love

(Retold with love by me.)

It was quite early in the morning. The sun hadn’t risen yet, but all of Poogal was awake, and so was King Pingal. The Queen had gone into labor about 11 in the night and after more than 6 hours, there still wasn’t any news. The king loved his queen. According to the royal custom they had got married when she was four and he was eight. It was decided then, and he had been in love with the queen since – despite her not joining him in her forever home until she turned fifteen. Now, the king stood outside the queen’s chambers, waiting to hear whether he had fathered a prince who would inherit the kingdom after he was gone, or a princess who would bring joy and good fortune to Poogal.

“Maharaj, Congratulations! Our princess has arrived,” said the two women who had emerged from the queen’s chamber.

King Pingal had become the father of a lovely daughter. He and the queen already had her name ready. She would be called Maru.


“Dhola, stop playing with that wooden chariot. You need to get out in a real chariot and see the kingdom!”
Damyanti, Dhola’s mother was one of the most beautiful women of her times. She and Dhola’s father King Nal too had their own love-story, but just now she wasn’t thinking about Nal. Instead, she was worrying about her son’s love for his toys. He was four, and he should’ve outgrown his affection for those silly toys by now. After all he was a prince, and the future king of Narwar!

The first step towards making him more responsible was – find a bride for him. He was old enough to be married.


So Dhola and Maru got married. But then they won’t be together until Maru attained puberty, so after the marriage Maru continued to live in her father’s palace and Dhola returned to his. Unfortunately, Nal died soon after Dhola’s marriage. As Dhola was a kid when he had gotten married, he forgot all about Maru and when he grew up, he got married a second time to a beautiful and…cunning woman called Malwani.

All this time, King Pingal and Maru kept sending messages to Dhola, but Malwani who obviously didn’t want Maru to return into Dhola’s life, intercepted those messages, and Maru remained forgotten.


That evening was different in the Kingdom of Poogal. The folk-dancers and singers who were nomads had arrived in the kingdom and they had magical voices. Their voices were so beautiful that even the King heard about them, and decided that there must be a show for the royalty.

Maru too had heard about these dancers and how they moved from one kingdom to another, performing for the kings, the queens, the princes, and the princesses. So she called their lead-dancer aside and asked her to convey her message of love to Dhola through a song-and-dance sequence.


“Why must you send a message to him, princess?” asked Umar Sumara. He couldn’t fathom why the princess was unable to forget her husband. She had absolutely no recollection of the wedding and had never laid eyes on Dhola. Yet she appeared to be smitten by him, while he, Umar Sumar, who had been in love with her, and who did everything to keep her safe and happy, was constantly overlooked!

“Because he is my husband, and because our match was made in heaven,” replied the princess as she turned away from him.’


Malvani, Dhola’s wife, too heard of the folk-dancers and singers when they arrived in Narwar. Malvani was fond of music and she thought of arranging a program for her husband. The program however, was designed to remind King Dhola of his first wife, Maru. As he sat there watching the dancers replay his own wedding, Dhola was reminded of the day, and of his wife who must’ve grown into a lovely princess now.

He talked to the dancers, and to Malvani’s chagrin, he asked them to tell Maru that he’d come for her.


Dhola and his men were on their way to Poogal, when a disheveled messenger from Narwar reached them with a message. Queen Malvani was dead, and according to the customs, King Dhola must return to cremate the queen. Dhola however knew his queen well, and decided against returning.

While Dhola was approaching Poogal, Umar Sumara was planning too stop him from reaching there. Sumara’s heart was set upon marrying Princess Maru and he thought that if Dhola didn’t reach Poogal, she’ll forget him in time…leaving the coast clear for Sumar.


The sentry came into the King’s tent and bowed before him.
“Maharaj, a man wants to meet you. He has news from Poogal.”
“Send him in!” ordered an excited King who wondered whether Maru had sent him a love-message. He had no idea that the man who had come to meet him was a rival in love.
“Maharaj, Maru is already married to another man.”
King Dhola gave him a sharp look and asked, “who is she married to?”
Sumar, who was himself in love with Princess Maru couldn’t lie any more. And Dhola realized that he was lying.


So Dhola reached Poogal and brought his bride back to Narwar, where they happily lived ever after.


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Why Voracio the Crow isn’t easy to dodge? What drives this agent of your rival in love?

The constant cawing would take its toll, Voracio knew that, but he also knew that his voice was his single biggest asset and that without his cawing prowess he was doomed to live in oblivion. Things hadn’t been easy for Voracio for the last many months. It was in June last year that he had lost his place as the evening entertainer in the best bird-club in town, to a rooster. He knew it would happen one day, but he didn’t expect it to happen so soon. Voracio was a rapper and these days rock was the in-thing…especially among the birds. Hip-hop was something that didn’t suit Voracio’s voice at all, so his options were somewhat limited.

Voracio the Crow, your rival's agent, who tries to thwart your attempts to woo your sweetheart.

Had Voracio been the carefree bachelor of the year before, this wouldn’t have irked him so much. At the beginning of last year, he had fallen for his beautiful crow and proposed. His decision of marriage had shocked Voracio almost as much as it had shocked his friends, but then until you’ve experienced the full force of love, you’d never understand it. Any way, the long and short of it all was that Voracio was facing difficulties in making both ends meet. This was especially painful because just recently Mrs. Voracio had given birth two two beautiful chicks, a boy and a girl, and Voracio was extremely worried about his ability to pay the remaining EMIs on his nest. If the nest went, it would devastate the family.

While Voracio was just a very normal kind of crow who didn’t have any special talents (except that he could rap,) he had a trait that very few in this world possess. He could persevere and persist. Perseverance is something that often spells the difference between success and failure; and Voracio knew this. So he went flying from bird-club to bird-club, hoping to land a job that will help him pay his bills. Nothing worked out, for a very long time, until just last week he landed a job. He had to rap twice a week, in one of seedier bird-clubs, usually frequented by the birds of prey.

It was here at this club, where he first met Grouchy Gordon, an owl so ancient that he had stopped looking any older. Gordie was sitting at table in the shadows, on a branch that was jutting so out of the tree that no other bird ever sat on it. He asked Voracio to join him at his table, and then asked him if he wanted to do something different, something that was more thrilling than singing rap songs to a half-loony audience.

While Voracio wasn’t very comfortable talking to this shady looking character, he decided that listening won’t harm him, and so he listened.

“I’ve heard that you can be persistent. Have I heard right?” the Owl asked.

Voracio thought of his incessant requests for an audition and his continued followups with the club, and nodded.

“Work part-time for us. All you’d be required to do is snatch away the notepaper that this poor lovelorn individual uses for writing, or snatch away the written love-notes, and you’ll be paid a gold coin for every notepaper written or blank, that you bring back.”

He obviously couldn’t refuse. If only he could get five gold coins a week, he’d be living like a king!

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Why Grouchina zaps away your love notes and messages? The Inside Scoop!

“This isn’t going to work,” thought Grouchina, “I will have to find a part-time job that can help me pay the bills.”

Grouchina wasn’t the kind of pixie you are used to reading about in fairytales and seeing in Disney movies, she was a real, down-to-earth, practical pixie. While the pixies that you see in those Disney movies are waif-like creatures draped in short little skirts made of flower-petals and leaves and would rather fall dead than be seen wearing spectacles; Grouchina preferred denims and found spectacles a lot handier than contact-lenses. There were other dissimilarities too, although a lot less glaring but equally disconcerting, if one looked closer. While most of those other, more popular pixies look a lot younger – in fact quite into their teens, Grouchina looked like she was comfortably in her twenties, and unlike most other pixies she was throughly disenchanted with the world.

Grouchina the Pixie - your rival's agent in My Love My Valentine - the iPad game of Romance and Rivalry, by Grouchy Gremlins

When Grouchina was inside her home in an old oak-tree hollow, she was the happiest. She’d wear a pair of denims, perch her specs on her little pert nose, and snuggle into a corner with her drawing pencils and her sketchbook. But then it wasn’t easy to let go of the pixie community totally, nor was it possible to stay in and not go gathering the cherries, which were Grouchina’s staple diet. So for such times, when she had to necessarily step out, Grouchina had a pretty imitation-petals dress hanging in her wardrobe. This was her only dress, her armor against the giggling, teasing gaggle of pixies that she was bound to meet if she stepped out.

It was sort of…crazy! It was like she had two different pixies inside her. There was Grouchina, the grouchy pixie, dressed in her imitation-petals dress, zapping everyone and everything that had the misfortune of crossing her path; and then there was Artiana, the sweet absent-minded pixie who just wanted to draw and paint everything that she saw.

But then, buying the paint, the canvases, and everything else cost money, and Grouchina was terribly short of it. So when Signora, her Aunt approached her with the assignment of zapping love notes and envelopes that belonged to the poor lovelorn human, she found herself in a fix.

“The more you zap, the more you earn,” said Aunt Signora.

“But is it right?” asked Grouchina, “I mean, is it right morally? This poor love-struck individual is trying to play a game of romantic courtship, and I the evil, grouchy pixie, zaps away the labor of love to make money. Doesn’t that make me a mercenary of kinds.”

Signora cocked her right eyebrow, brought her face closer to Grouchina’s, and cackled, “Yes, it does. A love mercenary, I suppose. But consider this, my righteous little niece. If you took up this assignment, you’d never be short of art supplies. Think about it.”

With that parting shot, Signora took flight, and Grouchina was left alone. She fought her demons for a very long time, but then she caved in. After all, the only thing that she ever wanted to do in life was paint… and eat cherries. And if this job could help her realize her dreams, she was game.

Snowy the Dove and the Villain’s Agents – Your Love Your Valentine should be yours and yours alone!

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Today, I am presenting the opening screen of MLMV-HD here.

The Opening Screen of My Love My Valentine - A Game of Romantic Courtship and Rivalry, made for the iPad by Grouchy Gremlins.

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On this screen you can see:

  • Grouchina the Pixie,
  • Voracio the Crow,
  • Snowy the Dove,
  • Crappigeo the Pigeon, and
  • Blopty the Mouse! (Yes, yes, yes. He is the same guy.)


More coming…