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Unrequited Love may pave your way to Greatness – The Love-story of Pope Francis.

I quote from Shafali’s Caricatures and Cartoons

Pope Francis’s unrequited Love

Amalia Damonte who still lives in the same house where she grew up (at 555 Membranilla Street in the Flores district of Buenos Aires (the capital of Argentina,)) was proposed to by a young boy called Jorge Bergoglio. He was 12 and she was 13…and she is the reason why Jorge Bergoglio is Pope Francis now. Had she not turned down his proposal, he wouldn’t have embraced priesthood – for his letter told her in no uncertain terms – that if she didn’t agree to become his wife, he’d become a priest. He was quite serious about the matter as she’s got it in black and white…or whatever was the color of the ink that Jorge favored when he was young.

So…you see now. There’s a woman behind every successful man…even the Pope :)

Now, he is the leader of 1.2 Billion Catholics world-wide.

This love-story had an end different from what lovers hope for, yet it has a great end. Sometimes, your love isn’t returned for a reason. Either fate has other, higher-order plans for you, or the object-of-your-affection knows something that you don’t…something that you are better off not knowing. Every once in a while, your love may not be returned, because returning your love could do more harm than good to you – and so that love for you is forever kept under lock and key. When this happens to you, don’t take it as an affront to your dignity, don’t assume that your love was not returned because there was a fault with you – it could be that your love-interest realizes that he or she won’t measure up to you – or perhaps that you were meant for greater things 🙂

On the other hand,

it’s a good idea to do your best before you decide to call it quits. For instance, you must send all the love letters that you can and try to best to beat your greedy, unethical rival in the game of love. Girls, are you game?