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Valentine’s Day and Roses – Which color and how many?

Want to send roses to your sweetheart? You really must read this πŸ™‚

The Color of the Rose Matters!

Red? Are you in love already? Whether or not you’ve expressed your love is a different matter, but if you are in love, send red roses. They say, “I Love You.”

Pink? Are you happy and thankful that someone is in your life? Do you want to say “Thank you”? If yes, go for dark pink roses. You can also go for lighter pink, but not the lightest, for they’d express condolences or sympathy. You don’t want your roses to say that on Valentine’s day, unless there’s a reason for it. You can also send pink roses to make up after a tiff πŸ™‚

Yellow? If you are more friends than lovers, send yellow roses. You can combine yellow roses with red or dark pink roses too, for friendship often strengthen love.

Lavender? If you are falling in love with someone, gift lavender roses. These would be the right color roses to gift when are hoping that your love will be reciprocated, but you aren’t sure yet. So lavender roses could be your messengers of love to your love-interest.

White? White signifies purity and innocence. You can combine white roses with roses of any other color, and it would symbolize continuity and unity.

The Number of Roses Matter too!

And what about the number of roses you send? (Combine the number with the color to discover what you must send.)

  • 1 Rose = loyalty and devotion.
  • 2 Roses = Let us come together (marriage?)
  • 11 Roses = Deep forever love
  • 12 Roses = Love coupled with admiration
  • 13 Roses = A secret admirer
  • 24 Roses = I’m crazy about you (think about you night and day)

Which is the rose that you should stay away from?

Definitely black – if at all you can find it. Black signifies sadness and more specifically mourning.

If you are not yet an item, it’s a good idea to not send orange roses to a woman because it signifies that you “desire” her. Generally speaking, women like to know that they are desired, only after they know that they are cherished.

That’s all I have on roses πŸ™‚ My Love My Valentine the iPad game of love, romance, rivalry, and courtship arrives on the App Store tomorrow. Do stop by the App Store to check it out, and download it on your iPad – you may want to send your sweetheart 54 original love messages, each with a single red rose πŸ™‚

A single red rose means Forever Love.

A Valentine’s Day Message for him or her – When two hearts fly together!

Only love can make hearts grow wings…

My Love My Valentine - A Game and an App with 54 love messages that you can send to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Love happens. You need to be patient and persevere πŸ™‚ And while you are at it πŸ™‚ Check out My Love My Valentine and play a Sweet Game (if you are a girl, trust a girl – it’s sweet!), Send 54 beautiful Love Messages to your Love – The Celebration of Love is year-round πŸ™‚

Snowy the Dove and the Villain’s Agents – Your Love Your Valentine should be yours and yours alone!

February 14th draws closer. We know that you’ll be walking on the fluffy clouds of love and romance on Feb 14th, but sending some sweet love-notes to your heart-throb before Valentine’s Day won’t hurt. In fact, it could make your day more memorable. Think about it. You still have about 10 days to consider this, because by then this game of Love, Romance, and Rivalry will be there in the App Store, for you to own and play.

Today, I am presenting the opening screen of MLMV-HD here.

The Opening Screen of My Love My Valentine - A Game of Romantic Courtship and Rivalry, made for the iPad by Grouchy Gremlins.

Click the image for bigger view.

On this screen you can see:

  • Grouchina the Pixie,
  • Voracio the Crow,
  • Snowy the Dove,
  • Crappigeo the Pigeon, and
  • Blopty the Mouse! (Yes, yes, yes. He is the same guy.)


More coming…