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The Continuity of Love…

They say,

The continuity of love,
is the blessing of some.

But this blessing was only a seed,
when it was given to them.

They nurtured it with tears,
they fed it their fears,
they mended each-other’s broken hearts,
and lived through pain that sears.

Look again…

The continuity of love,
is a blessing of everyone.

This blessing is a seed,
don’t let it rot, don’t let it die.

You can grow it into a strong tree,
It will then make you free.
You must be always there for each other,
Only then will your love forever be.

– Nifty.


5 Best Love-Quotes – but nothing sums up the bliss of being in Love.

Here are Five Love-Quotes that make a lot of sense. So if you are in love, read, understand, interpret, and enjoy 🙂

”All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” – Charles M. Schulz

Absolutely Mr. Schulz! I won’t mind a little chocolate too…along with some flowers and a promise of forever love 🙂

“Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.” – Mark Twain

I have a feeling that Mark Twain must’ve said this (or written it) in a moment of amazing lucidity.

”There is a place you can touch a woman that will drive her crazy. Her heart.” – Melanie Griffith

It begins funny, and makes you wonder what Ms. Griffith could be driving at. I guess this was her motive, but then what she said makes perfect sense.

“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

Yes, and love is best among those beautiful things.

“When you love someone, you love the person as they are, and not as you’d like them to be.” – Leo Tolstoy

And when you love someone even more, you’ll help them overcome their short-comings without ever becoming critical. Now that’s the tough part 🙂

End Note:

When you are in love, you desire someone, and then you desire someone to desire you back. It’s quite simple actually, but every once in a while, a rival-in-love tries to throw a spanner in the works. (Yes, I am talking about the Valentine’s Day game “My Love My Valentine.” If you are in love and if you own an iPad, do click this link and check it out – it’s a magical game – an experience created for you by two souls who’ve been in love forever. If you like original thought and if you are truly in love, I have a feeling, you’ll enjoy this game of love, romance, and rivalry. )

Why Grouchina zaps away your love notes and messages? The Inside Scoop!

“This isn’t going to work,” thought Grouchina, “I will have to find a part-time job that can help me pay the bills.”

Grouchina wasn’t the kind of pixie you are used to reading about in fairytales and seeing in Disney movies, she was a real, down-to-earth, practical pixie. While the pixies that you see in those Disney movies are waif-like creatures draped in short little skirts made of flower-petals and leaves and would rather fall dead than be seen wearing spectacles; Grouchina preferred denims and found spectacles a lot handier than contact-lenses. There were other dissimilarities too, although a lot less glaring but equally disconcerting, if one looked closer. While most of those other, more popular pixies look a lot younger – in fact quite into their teens, Grouchina looked like she was comfortably in her twenties, and unlike most other pixies she was throughly disenchanted with the world.

Grouchina the Pixie - your rival's agent in My Love My Valentine - the iPad game of Romance and Rivalry, by Grouchy Gremlins

When Grouchina was inside her home in an old oak-tree hollow, she was the happiest. She’d wear a pair of denims, perch her specs on her little pert nose, and snuggle into a corner with her drawing pencils and her sketchbook. But then it wasn’t easy to let go of the pixie community totally, nor was it possible to stay in and not go gathering the cherries, which were Grouchina’s staple diet. So for such times, when she had to necessarily step out, Grouchina had a pretty imitation-petals dress hanging in her wardrobe. This was her only dress, her armor against the giggling, teasing gaggle of pixies that she was bound to meet if she stepped out.

It was sort of…crazy! It was like she had two different pixies inside her. There was Grouchina, the grouchy pixie, dressed in her imitation-petals dress, zapping everyone and everything that had the misfortune of crossing her path; and then there was Artiana, the sweet absent-minded pixie who just wanted to draw and paint everything that she saw.

But then, buying the paint, the canvases, and everything else cost money, and Grouchina was terribly short of it. So when Signora, her Aunt approached her with the assignment of zapping love notes and envelopes that belonged to the poor lovelorn human, she found herself in a fix.

“The more you zap, the more you earn,” said Aunt Signora.

“But is it right?” asked Grouchina, “I mean, is it right morally? This poor love-struck individual is trying to play a game of romantic courtship, and I the evil, grouchy pixie, zaps away the labor of love to make money. Doesn’t that make me a mercenary of kinds.”

Signora cocked her right eyebrow, brought her face closer to Grouchina’s, and cackled, “Yes, it does. A love mercenary, I suppose. But consider this, my righteous little niece. If you took up this assignment, you’d never be short of art supplies. Think about it.”

With that parting shot, Signora took flight, and Grouchina was left alone. She fought her demons for a very long time, but then she caved in. After all, the only thing that she ever wanted to do in life was paint… and eat cherries. And if this job could help her realize her dreams, she was game.