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Snowy the Dove and the Villain’s Agents – Your Love Your Valentine should be yours and yours alone!

February 14th draws closer. We know that you’ll be walking on the fluffy clouds of love and romance on Feb 14th, but sending some sweet love-notes to your heart-throb before Valentine’s Day won’t hurt. In fact, it could make your day more memorable. Think about it. You still have about 10 days to consider this, because by then this game of Love, Romance, and Rivalry will be there in the App Store, for you to own and play.

Today, I am presenting the opening screen of MLMV-HD here.

The Opening Screen of My Love My Valentine - A Game of Romantic Courtship and Rivalry, made for the iPad by Grouchy Gremlins.

Click the image for bigger view.

On this screen you can see:

  • Grouchina the Pixie,
  • Voracio the Crow,
  • Snowy the Dove,
  • Crappigeo the Pigeon, and
  • Blopty the Mouse! (Yes, yes, yes. He is the same guy.)


More coming…