Call the paramedics, Cupid just shot me! Be My Valentine – A Song for Loving Hearts by Jackie Boyz!

Love songs…love songs…love songs…

They are the only songs I love, they are the only songs I’d listen to – if I ever listened to songs 🙂

This song by Jackie Boyz made me remember the time when cupid had shot me. That arrow, dipped in the magic potion of love, went straight into my heart, and it stayed there forever. My friends said, I should pull it out, or I could die of unrequited love; so I tried to pull it out, but it had gone in so deep, that if I tried to pull it out, I’d die any way. So I left it there. The sweet poison of love began to act, and I, the person I was until then, died. In its place, a new me was born. This new me was different. She walked on the clouds, she saw a world that was filled with so many colors that she didn’t know existed…she just felt so different.

And so when I listened to the Be My Valentine song by Jackie Boyz, its lyrics took into back to that day, when I was struck by cupid’s arrow.

Here are the sweet lyrics of this fabulous song 🙂 Girls, hold your breath. Click this link to listen to song, while you read the lyrics below. (I am leaving out the repetitions, though.)

Call the paramedic, call the… call the paramedic,
Call the paramedic cupid… cupid just shot me!

I can’t get you out of my my head,
Spending all my time searching for the one i want to be with.
The prettiest girl I ever did see,
I didn’t know, cupid was aiming at me,
I wonder if… I wonder if she knows? 

So if you got the one for your heart, in the sky
let him know that love is starting.
No I never had to wonder why, ‘cos I know for sure.

She is the reason why I buy a lot of candy,
In the mall spending all my money,
I’ve got to make it clear so she understands me,
I ain’t got a girlfriend, but you can be my valentine.

Baby you can, baby, baby you can…you can be my valentine!

Isn’t it lovely?

Paul McCartney’s My Valentine – a song of love, a work of art.

No quest for love-songs can be complete without Paul McCartney’s My Valentine. It’s one of the most beautiful love songs that’ve ever been written and sung. If this music could cast an impression on me, someone who has absolutely no understanding of music, it could make the stoniest of hearts feel the joy of love.

What if it rained?
We didn’t care,
She said that someday soon,
the sun was going to shine.
And she was right,
this love of mine,
My Valentine.

As days and nights,
would pass me by,
I’d tell myself that I was waiting for a sign.
Then she appeared,
her love so fine,
My Valentine.

And I will love her for life,
And I will never let a day go by,
without remembering the reasons why.
she makes me certain,
that I can fly.

And so I do,
without a care,
I know that someday soon the sun is going to shine,
And she’ll be there.
This love of mine,
My Valentine.

What if it rained?
We didn’t care.
She said that someday soon,
the sun was gonna shine.
And she was right,
This love of mine,
My Valentine.

I wrote these down as I listened to the song. Another place where you can find the lyrics (perhaps more accurate too,) is

Here’s a lovely video of Paul McCartney’s My Valentine featuring Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp. You must watch this.