Why Snowy the Dove carries your love messages to your Sweetheart?

Snowy the dove that carries love letters to your sweetheart in the ipad valentine's day app - the Game of Romance and Rivalry, My Love My Valentine.

It was a bright and sunny spring afternoon. The soft balmy breeze ruffled the white silky feathers of the two doves that sat on the branch of a Cypress tree. As the light-rays shone through and danced on their soft feathers, their beaks touched lightly. Snowy knew that she had found her soulmate. She knew that now her life would be defined by their love. They’d fly together to find the material they’d need to build their first nest, and then they’d look after their eggs and their chicks together. Doves mated for life, and this was the reason why they were often called love-doves or love-birds. Sitting with him with his feathers touching hers, in that moment of supreme bliss, Snowy knew why doves were meant to live together, and then why they wanted to die together. She sniffed the air and a subtle warmth spread through her chest. They drew closer, snuggled up, and she closed her eyes.

In that moment of bliss, when she was neither awake nor asleep, she heard a twang. Her eyes flew open and a muffled scream escaped her throat. A pebble that looked the size of a rock was hurtling towards them. In a daze, she turned towards him…just in time to see the pebble hit him in the chest, and then time just slowed down for her. She saw the light go out of his beautiful eyes, as he tumbled backwards and fell. She could hear her own scream die out. Snowy flew down to him. She chirped, she cried, she combed his beautiful feathers with her beak; but she couldn’t wake him up. He was gone, and she was alone. She wanted to die too. Follow her mate out of this world into another, into the heaven of birds, where they could be together forever.

Snowy was about to begin the ritual of plucking her feathers out, when she saw a man step around the huge rock that was right in front of the Cypress tree. This was his killer, Snowy knew it in an instant, and she also knew that he now wanted her mate’s body. She wasn’t going to let him accomplish his evil goal. She was going to die with him any way, what would be a better death than the one she could earn avenging her husband? So she rose and flew straight into his face. The man, however, was prepared for her attack, and he dodged her, letting her crash into another tree that grew on the cliff, behind that huge rock. Snowy tumbled down the rough edge of the cliff into the valley below. She’d have gone all the way down and possibly died, when her fall was broken by a soft abandoned nest.

The whole afternoon she lay there unconscious. It was only towards dusk that she regained consciousness, when clouds gathered overhead and some raindrops found their way into her parched throat. Her first thought was about him, and so she flew up once again. The tree was there, so was the rock, but her mate’s body was gone. She could see a few drops of dried blood on that branch and a soggy white feather on the ground. This was all that was left of their love and her life.

She looked around absently. There was nothing left to do in life….she’d better die.

But then something caught her eye. A pink envelope sealed with a beautiful pink heart. What was that? A love-letter, perhaps. She walked towards it, slowly and sadly. The letter was inside the envelope. It never reached the person who it was written for. Perhaps Snowy could help? Perhaps she could deliver the letter and unite two hearts?

So, Snowy delivered the letter and helped unite two loving hearts. She realized that while she had lost her own love, she could help those who were in love by delivering their love-messages.

Let Snowy deliver your letters to your sweetheart. Meet her in the iPad game of love. If you have an iPad, play “My Love My Valentine – The Game of Romantic Rivalry – MLMV-HD“, put your love notes into envelopes and send them to your sweetheart with Snowy, but remember that your rival is competing with you, and your rival has got deep-pockets and shallow ethics, so while you dodge burning matchsticks, also prepare yourself to face:


A Hurt Pigeon seeks his revenge on the App Store – Why Crappigeo hates Valentine’s Day?

He sat on a branch, looking at the skyline of the city. He could almost make out the high-rise that had been his home since his birth. As he sat there he heard a rumble in his stomach. “Funny,” he thought, “I can hear my stomach.”

And then…


Valentine's Day Game My Love My Valentine - Rival's Agent - Crappigeo the Pigeon.

Away from the din of the city, he heard it loud and clear, and felt sadness well up inside him. He had been ousted from the pigeon-community that lived on the high-rise.

He was thrown out because his presence had become a threat to the survival of the entire community, and unfortunately, the reasons were completely beyond his control. When he was summoned by the Grand-old pigeon, he had absolutely no clue of what was about to come.

“You make five times the guano that a normal pigeon does, and with absolutely no civic sense, you crap anywhere, anytime. Do you remember where you crapped the last time?”

Crappigeo tried to recall, but he couldn’t. Crapping was almost as natural for him as…well, breathing. But he knew that explaining that to this ancient bird won’t help his cause, and so he stayed silent.

“You don’t even remember, do you? It was when this young lady had just returned from a parlor with a $400 hair-do. Now, do you remember what you did? And she had spent all that money on herself, because she was going on a special date and she was expecting her beau to propose! The daughter of the richest man in this apartment-complex didn’t just call-off her date, she even complained to her dad about what you did. And we’ve come to know that her father has resolved to get rid of every bit of gray feather in this place, if it ever happened again, to anyone.”

And so Crappigeo had to leave. Odds were stacked so completely and thoroughly against him, that staying back was not an option anymore. It was the best thing that he could do for the community and for himself.

“Rummbell, ptrrr, splat!” It happened again.

A tear tumbled out of the corner of his eye. His was a hopeless case. Away from his family, away from the secure life he knew, he was stranded, and from the looks of it, he was stranded forever, and all because of that silly girl who was in love with some creep!

Crappigeo suddenly saw red. His self-pity turned in an explosion of anger towards everyone who was in love, because it was love that brought him to this piteous state.

“Rummbell, ptrrrrrrr, splatttt!”

Crappigeo looked down and saw that he had crapped on what looked like an advertisement.
He craned his neck and tried to read, “Part Time Position…” It appeared to be a position advertised for birds, and Crappigeo needed something to do, something that would divert his thoughts elsewhere, so he flew down to get a better look.

The advertisement read:

Part Time Position
Wanted a Strong Bird
who can Crap at will!
Salary no bar for the right candidate!
Fly-in for an Interview between 8 AM and 5 PM.

So Crappigeo flew in and took the test. While he couldn’t really crap at will, he could crap enough to beat every other bird, and so, he obviously got the job.

It’s quite possible that you know who recruited him. Your Rival in “My Love My Valentine” the Love Game App with 54 thrilling levels filled with love, romance, envy, action, and adventure. Crappigeo loves every bit of his revenge on the lovers of the world, and among all of your rival’s agents, he the loyalest of all.

Blopty’s Love Story – How he ended up chewing your love-letters in the iPad Game “My Love My Valentine”?

February 14th, 2012 (Yes, last year.)
Valentine’s Day

If there ever was a jumpy mouse, he was Blopty, or Blopty Scrabbins to be precise. Blopty’s friends knew about his jumpiness and made fun of him almost constantly. In fact, this was also the reason of Blopty’s apparently endless bachelorhood. It wasn’t that the girl mice didn’t find Blopty interesting; they did. He was handsome and suave, and he knew how to turn on his charms at will. So he had no dearth of girl mice swooning over him. To get a girl mouse starry-eyed, all he had to do was smile at her, and Blopty knew how to use his charismatic smile to his advantage.

My Love My Valentine - An iPad Game - Your Rival's Agent - Blopty the Mouse -

In fact, until about a few minutes ago, he was on a lovely date with the loveliest girl mouse in the whole world, or in the world that Blopty had known and traveled. He had been planning for this date for some time now. In fact, he had sent Nifty a lovely Valentine’s Day gift (an imported peanut wrapped in an expensive pink ribbon,) and a “Be My Valentine” card too, which played the My Valentine song by Paul McCartney, when opened. Just a couple of minutes ago, Blopty and Nifty were sitting at the corner-table of this restaurant. It being Valentine’s Day, the place was filled with couples of all ages, and Martina Mcbride’s “My Love My Valentine” was playing ever-so-softly in the background. Blopty was telling Nifty about his swamp-adventures in a funny nasal voice that the girl mice found extremely funny. Nifty did too and so their date was going mighty fine, until…someone tapped, and Blopty jumped!

“Oooooiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee……….,” he went, as he got tossed up in the sky, somersaulted twice, and landed in the bushes about 10 yards from where they were enjoying their candlelit dinner. He brushed himself off and picked himself up, and sheepishly parted the bushes to check Nifty’s expression.

She looked flabbergasted! She looked shocked! And she also looked…disappointed. That look hurt Blopty’s feelings. He really was in love with Nifty. He had seen that look before, but seeing it on Nifty’s beautiful face broke his heart. He had dreamed about this day ever since he moved in the new neighborhood, and he really truly wanted to spend his life with Nifty. He had often dreamed of the little mouse-pups who’d be running around in his pad (or Nifty’s if they moved into hers, and which was obviously better furnished)…but he knew that the one trait that a girl mice treasured in her guy over all others, was courage. And he had just demonstrated how seriously he lacked this trait!

He felt strangely sad and disappointed as he looked in the direction of their table once again. Nifty was paying the bill and avoiding those curious glances that she was getting from those other mice. She wasn’t going to give him a second chance, he thought, and even if she did, there was no guarantee that he’d not jump again, all someone had to do was…


“Ooooooiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………..,” Blopty jumped again and landed on a pile of stones. He lost consciousness for a minute or two but when he came around, he saw himself looking into a pair of huge, yellow eyes! “An owl!” he screamed voicelessly. It was Gordie or Grouchy Gordon, the owl who lived in the Grouchy Gremlins Workshop! Blopty who lived in the make-shift kitchen in this workshop, always thought that he had been able to keep his presence in the Workshop a secret, but right now, it appeared that Blopty was mistaken.

“You are in love with Nifty?” the ancient owl asked in his gruff voice.

“Ye…yes.” squeaked Blopty.

“Then remember this. Courage and bravery could fetch you dates, but a girl mouse prizes another trait a lot more, and if you really want to settle down with her in life, you can still win her over.”

“Oh, and what is that?” asked Blopty. It appeared that the owl wasn’t here to eat him.

“They prize a mouse’s ability to provide for their pups, and this requires money!”

And then Gordie told him about the offer. Blopty had to shred the love letters that some poor lovelorn human has written and sealed with a kiss. He had to accomplish the task by getting to those envelopes before they were handed over to Snowy the trusty courier dove. Blopty would be paid a golden coin for every envelope that he shredded.

Blopty took the offer and he was recruited as one of the agents of your rival, in the game of romantic courtship, My Love My Valentine. You can save your messages from being shredded by him by tapping him whenever he appears, because that makes him go, “Oooooooiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………,” but then who cares, especially as Nifty can’t see him there.

Final Note: Some of you might be wondering how vain I, Nifty, the writer of this story must be. But I am really pretty! If you don’t believe me check out my picture on my blog, or meet me in the Backroom of Hypnotoy, the Toy of Joy, another beautiful app  by Grouchy Gremlins.

My Love My Valentine – The Game for the Romantics of the World: App Store Arrival on February 01, 2013!

I am pleased as punch to announce that My Love My Valentine – A Game of Romantic Courtship – MLMV HD is arriving on the App Store on February 01, 2013.

A quick overview of the Game:

In “My Love My Valentine”, you woo your sweetheart by writing and sending love messages to him or her, through, of course, your trusty dove, Snowy. However, as it happens in life and also in this game, you have a rival-in-love. This rival isn’t all that ethical, and believes that everything is fair in love and war. So on one hand this rival competes with you to win the affection of your loved one, and on the other, tries to stop you from sending your love-messages.

That your rival tosses burning matchsticks to destroy your writing material is just a beginning, as you move through the 54 levels of this game, a pixie zaps aways your material, a crow snatches away your notepaper, fireballs whizz past burning everything in their way including your pens, a pigeon with no sense of propriety craps on your stuff, a cowardly yet handsome mouse shreds your envelopes, and the magic ink keeps disappearing from your messages!

In the coming few days, I’ll be posting the stories of the agents on this blog. You can already read about Grouchina the Pixie and Voracio the crow 🙂

Until my next post then. In the meantime, go, fall in love!

PS: My fingers are now growing numb – for cold and for continuous typing…I’ll go, send some messages to my sweetheart. You’ll meet him soon…yes, here, on this blog 🙂