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Pencil Knight now on the App Store – Download Free and Go-tilting!

Pencil Knight - a Smartly dressed Knight of an Accelerometer Game for iPad, IPhone, and iPod touch.

Click or Tap to download Pencil Knight on the App Store!


Go Tilting!

Go Balancing!!

Go Scoring!!!

Go Picnicking!!!!

Pencil Knight – A Tilt-and-Play Game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod – Glued together with Gremlin Love!

Love is a funny thing.

It helps people create beautiful stuff that can help people fall in love, make up after breaking up, bind them up with invisible but soft strings of shared smiles and laughter.

Pencil Knight does this too.

Pencil Knight - Six beautiful pencils to balance - A tilt and play accelerometer game for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Click/Tap to download Pencil Knight on the App Store.

This game designed and developed by the Gremlins is soon being released on the App Store. This game is developed around something that all of us have tried doing at some point in our lives. It’s about Balancing a Pencil on your finger tip! Simple, right? Actually, it depends. You’ll need to practice, concentrate, focus, and be alert – but your victories will be announced to the whole world, your friends in particular, through the Game-Center. And if you’d like to play it just the way it’s always been played, with your friends on a picnic or in the college dorm – you can do that too 🙂

Pencil Knight can be downloaded Free and you can play with the Yellow Pencil forever and ever, on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch; and when you are done playing with the Yellow Pencil, you can unlock 5 new pencils for 5 mint-fresh balancing experiences.

Here’s why you’ll want to to play this game with everyone you know…

Simple, intuitive Game-play!

Just hold your device flat and then tilt it left and right to balance the pencils.
Swing the pencils more to accumulate bonus points.

Traits required and honed!

∙Quick Responses
∙Excellent Eye-hand coordination
∙Strong Concentration and Unwavering Focus

Features of the Game:

∙Uses accelerometer to simulate the feel of balancing a pencil on your finger.
∙All the six pencils have their own leaderboards to help you compete on level ground with others.
∙You can challenge your Friends by emailing them your balancing-times and highscores.
∙And…you can unlock 5 New Pencils. Each new pencil is superbly crafted and smartly engineered for a new exciting balancing experience.

Here are a couple of screenshots from Pencil Knight. I’m mixing the iPhone and the iPad screenshots to give you an idea of how the game looks on both the devices.

A couple of Pencil Knight Screenshots from the iPad

Pencil Knight Opening Screen.

Opening Screen on the iPad.

Pencil Knight - Brown Wood Pencil - Screenshot

Brown wood pencil – Screenshot on iPad


A Couple of Pencil Knight Screenshots from the iPhone

Pencil Knight - Plain Yellow Pencil - Screen Shot

Plain Yellow Pencil – Screenshot of iPhone

Pencil Knight - Red Pencil with Smiley Screenshot

Pencil Knight – Red Pencil with Smiley an iPhone Screenshot

More on this tomorrow 🙂