A Hurt Pigeon seeks his revenge on the App Store – Why Crappigeo hates Valentine’s Day?

He sat on a branch, looking at the skyline of the city. He could almost make out the high-rise that had been his home since his birth. As he sat there he heard a rumble in his stomach. “Funny,” he thought, “I can hear my stomach.”

And then…


Valentine's Day Game My Love My Valentine - Rival's Agent - Crappigeo the Pigeon.

Away from the din of the city, he heard it loud and clear, and felt sadness well up inside him. He had been ousted from the pigeon-community that lived on the high-rise.

He was thrown out because his presence had become a threat to the survival of the entire community, and unfortunately, the reasons were completely beyond his control. When he was summoned by the Grand-old pigeon, he had absolutely no clue of what was about to come.

“You make five times the guano that a normal pigeon does, and with absolutely no civic sense, you crap anywhere, anytime. Do you remember where you crapped the last time?”

Crappigeo tried to recall, but he couldn’t. Crapping was almost as natural for him as…well, breathing. But he knew that explaining that to this ancient bird won’t help his cause, and so he stayed silent.

“You don’t even remember, do you? It was when this young lady had just returned from a parlor with a $400 hair-do. Now, do you remember what you did? And she had spent all that money on herself, because she was going on a special date and she was expecting her beau to propose! The daughter of the richest man in this apartment-complex didn’t just call-off her date, she even complained to her dad about what you did. And we’ve come to know that her father has resolved to get rid of every bit of gray feather in this place, if it ever happened again, to anyone.”

And so Crappigeo had to leave. Odds were stacked so completely and thoroughly against him, that staying back was not an option anymore. It was the best thing that he could do for the community and for himself.

“Rummbell, ptrrr, splat!” It happened again.

A tear tumbled out of the corner of his eye. His was a hopeless case. Away from his family, away from the secure life he knew, he was stranded, and from the looks of it, he was stranded forever, and all because of that silly girl who was in love with some creep!

Crappigeo suddenly saw red. His self-pity turned in an explosion of anger towards everyone who was in love, because it was love that brought him to this piteous state.

“Rummbell, ptrrrrrrr, splatttt!”

Crappigeo looked down and saw that he had crapped on what looked like an advertisement.
He craned his neck and tried to read, “Part Time Position…” It appeared to be a position advertised for birds, and Crappigeo needed something to do, something that would divert his thoughts elsewhere, so he flew down to get a better look.

The advertisement read:

Part Time Position
Wanted a Strong Bird
who can Crap at will!
Salary no bar for the right candidate!
Fly-in for an Interview between 8 AM and 5 PM.

So Crappigeo flew in and took the test. While he couldn’t really crap at will, he could crap enough to beat every other bird, and so, he obviously got the job.

It’s quite possible that you know who recruited him. Your Rival in “My Love My Valentine” the Love Game App with 54 thrilling levels filled with love, romance, envy, action, and adventure. Crappigeo loves every bit of his revenge on the lovers of the world, and among all of your rival’s agents, he the loyalest of all.

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