My Love My Valentine – The Game for the Romantics of the World: App Store Arrival on February 01, 2013!

I am pleased as punch to announce that My Love My Valentine – A Game of Romantic Courtship – MLMV HD is arriving on the App Store on February 01, 2013.

A quick overview of the Game:

In “My Love My Valentine”, you woo your sweetheart by writing and sending love messages to him or her, through, of course, your trusty dove, Snowy. However, as it happens in life and also in this game, you have a rival-in-love. This rival isn’t all that ethical, and believes that everything is fair in love and war. So on one hand this rival competes with you to win the affection of your loved one, and on the other, tries to stop you from sending your love-messages.

That your rival tosses burning matchsticks to destroy your writing material is just a beginning, as you move through the 54 levels of this game, a pixie zaps aways your material, a crow snatches away your notepaper, fireballs whizz past burning everything in their way including your pens, a pigeon with no sense of propriety craps on your stuff, a cowardly yet handsome mouse shreds your envelopes, and the magic ink keeps disappearing from your messages!

In the coming few days, I’ll be posting the stories of the agents on this blog. You can already read about Grouchina the Pixie and Voracio the crow 🙂

Until my next post then. In the meantime, go, fall in love!

PS: My fingers are now growing numb – for cold and for continuous typing…I’ll go, send some messages to my sweetheart. You’ll meet him soon…yes, here, on this blog 🙂


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